How to Determine if a Virtual Assistant is a Good Fit

Learn if a Virtual Assistant More Efficient than An In-Office Assistant

  How do you determine if a virtual assistant is the ideal assistant for you and your business? Resumes don’t tell the whole story. Here are the five signs that you have found your right-fit assistant: 1. They have the practical skills to do the job   Do they have the skills to do the […]

Entrepreneur Stress: How an Assistant Can Help

Entrepreneur feels stressed at work

Entrepreneur stress is a daily challenge many of our organizational leaders face. As Executive Assistants, it is a part of our job to be the hand to help them up again.   Here are 5 tips and tricks to help your entrepreneur get through their bad day.   Keep it short   Clear workplace communication is […]

How an Executive Assistant Improves an Entrepreneur’s Quality of Life

In business, working hard does not equate to working smart. Growing your business does not require sacrificing your freedom. On the contrary, an entrepreneur or executive who is savvy about managing their time can experience exponential growth AND freedom simultaneously. How? By hiring an elite Executive Assistant who improves your life by helping accomplish your […]

5 Tips for Entrepreneur and Assistant Communication

Entrepreneur and Assistant are lost in communication

At Superpowers, we work with dozens of entrepreneurs and assistants daily, guiding them along the path of becoming a seamless unit. We work to discover how they operate and communicate with each other. When it comes to working well together, communication is the key. Here are the top five tips we give to strengthen entrepreneur and […]

Is Work From Home Here to Stay?

Working from home. The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed what was once inconceivable into a necessity to keep businesses operating.   A Shift Towards Working From Home   There has been a significant shift towards both men and women working from home. The number of U.S. remote employees increased from 17% to almost half of the […]

5 Strategies to Avoid Burnout as an Entrepreneur

Woman experiences burnout while working

Are you in the Burnout Danger Zone?  You work hard, but there are endless hours of more “stuff” that needs to get done.  You’re under pressure.  And you’re uninspired to create and build new opportunities within your business or life.  How do you avoid burnout as an entrepreneur? Here are five tips to avoid burnout. […]