delegation struggles

Delegation Struggles: Missing the Big Picture

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delegation struggles

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Leaders understand the power of delegation.  It catalyzes business growth and provides space for personal freedom.  Even so, many entrepreneurs struggle with delegation.

Why?  Three main factors lead to delegation struggles:

Are you missing the big picture? 


Missing the Big Picture


Entrepreneurs are visionaries. They look forward ambitiously, visualizing the future potential of their business, projects, and ideas.

We have no problem seeing the future and where we would like to be, but we often fail to clearly see the big picture as to HOW we can reach our goals.  

Exponential growth is unachievable on your own. An entrepreneur that sees the big picture understands the power of delegation.  To see the big picture, you must understand:

  • You have a Unique Ability, the skills that you uniquely excel at and are passionate about.
  • Your time is valuable. To maximize efficiency, you should devote your time to your Unique Ability.
  • Others have Unique Abilities different than yours. You can build a team of people who excel at your weaknesses – and want to take those tasks on for you.


Seeing the Big Picture


I should do it just so that I know I still can. If you don’t use it you lose it, right?

You cannot lead well when you are preoccupied with low-value tasks.

In a team of 10, you might be able to do everything, but can you keep up when you’re leading a team of 100? Or 200?

As your organization grows, struggles with delegation become increasingly harmful.


It’s not perfect yet, and I don’t like handing off imperfect work. I want to get it done before I share it with anyone.

When you horde all the responsibility of projects, you slow progress. Be conscious of what is lingering on your to-do list.

Is it something someone else can do? Delegate it today.


People might see me as lazy if I ask someone to share my workload. I have to maintain my leadership status.

Test yourself—go through a day and keep a log of everything you do. Find how much time you are spending on projects others could do. Think about what you could do with that lost time.


If I don’t like doing it, nobody will. I shouldn’t ask someone else to do something I’m unwilling to do.

Share undesirable tasks rather than bear all the burden yourself. Doing it all yourself causes burnout.

That task you dislike may be an exciting opportunity for someone else to contribute.




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