The Difference Between a Virtual Assistant and Executive Assistant

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Virtual Assistant and Executive Assistant. What difference does it make?

We often find entrepreneurs and executives alternating between “Virtual Assistant” and “Executive Assistant” when referring to the same person. But for us, this differentiation is a big deal. While VAs can play a crucial role in your organization, they can’t replace the effectiveness and impact of a right-fit EA.

VAs commonly refer to high-value, low-cost labor sourced internationally. These individuals are often treated as “people in the cloud,” meaning they can be quickly scaled up or down with little interruption. As a result, VAs are particularly well-suited to executing specific tasks within established processes reliably and consistently.

On the other hand, Executive Assistants play the role of a leader’s “second brain.” The key distinction is that the right EA will lead you in the relationship. We say, “you’re the boss, but your Executive Assistant is the leader.”


Five Key Advantages Your EA Has Over a VA


  1. EAs are highly adaptable.
  • They take on new challenges and respond to unexpected situations without constantly requiring your input on the next steps.
  1. EAs anticipate you.
  • While a VA focuses on individual tasks as they receive them, an EA sees around the corner. They know how to fully prepare you in advance and eliminate issues before they get out of hand.  VAs are reactive – EAs are proactive.
  1. EAs act as your coordinator.
  • They organize the people on your team or your direct reports to operate smoothly together without you constantly keeping “a hand on the wheel.”
  1. EAs proactively clear the way.
  • Their Unique Ability helps keep you in your Unique Ability. EAs reassign tasks that aren’t the highest and best use of your time or handle the tasks themselves.
  1. EAs understand you.



Virtual Assistants and Executive Assistants both play essential roles in a growing business, but to truly achieve freedom and growth as a leader, an EA helps you move furthest, fastest.

Is it time to maximize your potential with the help of an Executive Assistant?  Contact Superpowers today to learn more about our highly-skilled team members.

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