How Mom Can Work from Home

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Superpowers’ mission is to help successful entrepreneurs achieve new levels of freedom and growth. We’re able to do this because of our talented, world-class assistants – two-thirds of whom are “Superpowered Mommas.” Are you a mom ready to work from home?

The pandemic has affected working mothers more than any other working adult group. According to new U.S. Census Bureau data from  March 2021, 1.5 million working mothers are still missing from the workforce.

Of the 3.5 million mothers with school-age kids who left the workplace in 2020, 1.5 million still haven’t gone back.

These experienced, highly-skilled women are a potential talent pool that remains untapped by companies demanding in-person, in-office work.

Now, more than ever, these mothers demand flexibility in their work environment. Businesses that choose to adapt to new ways of work position themselves to benefit from these outstanding team members.

At Superpowers, our people are everything. We’re proud to welcome and support working mothers who seek flexibility in their office environment and need hours that suit their schedules. Working from home is here to stay. Our work-from-home structure allows us to welcome this exceptional, but underrepresented part of the workforce.

Are you an exceptional mom wanting to work from home? If you’re interested in learning more about an amazing career at Superpowers, please visit our Careers page today!

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