How is superpowers different?

How to Train Your Assistant. (Easy and Comprehensive)

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How is superpowers different?

You are busy – and that’s why you are hiring an assistant.  You want a high-performing no. 2 to keep you organized and performing at your best.

But like most entrepreneurs, you may feel you lack the bandwidth to give your assistant the comprehensive training they need to be that high-value member of your team.

How do you find time to train your assistant?  If you found the time, do you have the curriculum to teach them?


There is a solution…


Having started and led several successful companies themselves, our founders understand this struggle and have created the easy-button solution!

At Superpowers, we pride ourselves on training and supporting the industry’s top-performing Executive Assistants.

Whether you already have an assistant or not, our unique-to-industry Curriculum, Coaching, and Community give your assistant a competitive edge.

We can source, hire, onboard, and train your ideal assistant.  Or, with a Superpowers Membership, you can provide your current assistant access to our resources.

When you hand the training process off to us, we help solve two problems:


The Time and Money Problem 


Onboarding an Executive Assistant is a costly process, both in direct expenses and in time dedicated to training.

On average, the cost of onboarding a new employee is $3,000, according to SHRM‘s Human Capital Benchmarking Report.  For you, a business owner, the opportunity cost may be even higher.

What high-value tasks could you be completing in the time you dedicate to training your new Executive Assistant? What deals could you have closed? Clients you could have landed?


We use our proven hiring process to connect you with an Executive Assistant that uniquely fits your values, work style, and needs.

Your Executive Assistant undergoes rigorous screening and training, and we take them onto our payroll, saving you the paperwork.

Your job on day one? Enjoy the benefits and get things done!


The Training Problem 


Setting aside the cost of training when you hire an Executive Assistant, do you have the infrastructure in place to provide the top-tier training your Executive Assistant needs?

SHRM also reports on the value of high-quality onboarding training programs.  SHRM references a Wynhurst Group report that found employees were 58 percent more likely to stay with the company past three years if they received a structured onboarding process.

Within the same article, we learn the Aberdeen Group found that 62 percent of organizations with onboarding programs report experiencing higher levels of efficiency in their employees.

The easiest way to maximize your chances of having a high-performing, long-term Executive Assistant?

Provide them with a strong onboarding process and valuable continuing education resources.


Training Executive Assistants is our expertise – and we are ready to help equip your assistant to perform at the top of their field.

Here’s a look at the Superpowers Curriculum:

Superpowers University – A three-day training intensive covering essential technical and soft skills for Executive Assistants.  This occurs before they arrive for their first day with you.

Continuing education resources – Training resources for continued growth after Superpowers University.  These cover many of the soft skills required to excel as an Executive Assistant, working proactively, entrepreneur-assistant communication, and representing their entrepreneur.

Proven Playbooks – A growing library of practical guides to help your assistant seamlessly manage your daily business activities.

Masterclasses – How-to videos presented by experienced Executive Assistants.

Quarterly learning events – Learning events with leaders in the entrepreneurial community like Strategic Coach and Entrepreneur Operating System.  Both you and your assistant are welcome to attend these events!

Monthly Focuses – Each month, your assistant selects and completes a training module on a specific high-value skill.

These focuses allow your assistant to target what they need to learn and quickly get up to speed on that skill.

Interested in finding your ideal assistant or equipping your current assistant? We happy to talk about the process with you.  Feel free to book a discovery call today!

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