Improve Personal Life: Let Your Assistant Do These

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Your assistant can improve your personal life by optimizing your work life and, thus, allowing you to spend your time how you want. But in what other ways can your assistant help you outside of the office?

Here are some of the impactful ways entrepreneurs are leveraging their assistants in their personal lives:


Handle all the little personal to-do’s


Your assistant is there to make your life easier, even with the small things.  When you are distracted with small, nagging personal tasks, you are unable to be your best, most creative self.  Your assistant is happy to help:

  • Small, incidental purchases
  • Booking a babysitter
  • Booking a date night
  • Canceling a subscription
  • Researching weekend activities
  • ANYTHING small on your to-do list


Be your “day off” filter


Many entrepreneurs take free days, but a lot less spend those free days feeling free. With disruptive calls and fears that the office might be on “on fire,” business owners have a hard time truly relaxing.

When it’s time for your free days, your assistant can monitor your inbox and work number, filtering out low-priority concerns and alerting you only when it’s necessary.

You can rest easy, knowing your assistant has your back.


Complete gift giving


Do you usually have time to select the perfect gift for special occasions? Thoughtful gifts are universally appreciated and often essential for maintaining your important personal relationships. You can delegate this important task to your assistant.

Your assistant can research and select gifts that stand out and fully reflect your sentiments. They can bring these options to you, and you can make the final decision.

Your assistant can track your loved one’s important dates in your calendar, with a reminder the day of and one the week before, so you have time to prepare something for them.


Manage your personal schedule


Your assistant can manage ALL of your calendars, not just your work calendar.  In fact, this is preferable, so you never end up having conflicts between your personal and work commitments.  Make it to every piano recital and football game.

Allow your assistant to improve your personal life by:

  • Adding all your commitments to a unified calendar
  • Blocking out time for family time, friends time, and personal time
  • Identifying events that should be on your calendar but are not
  • Giving you extra prompts for tasks you have a history of neglecting or forgetting
  • Communicating with your loved ones to coordinate your calendar with theirs
  • Prompting you when you may be neglecting/it’s time for certain personal commitments


Keep you accountable for non-work goals


If your assistant has access to and manages your schedule and to-do list, they can also help you stay on track with your non-work goals.

Trying to stay healthy? They can schedule workouts and check in to see if you follow through.

Trying to read more? They can keep you on track and keep a running list of good books for you.


Keep you up-to-date on relationships 


Your assistant can keep you up to date on important personal relationships by monitoring your social connections through social media and by tracking important dates like birthdays and anniversaries so that you can engage with your loved ones in a meaningful and timely manner.

Handle trip planning 

Whether it’s a business trip or a personal family trip, your assistant can:

  • Book hotels, flights, and restaurants
  • Plan activities
  • Ensure you will have no conflicts
  • Monitor your email and goings-on at the company, alerting you only when there’s an emergency


Handle event planning

Need to plan a Christmas party, organize a birthday party? You can improve your personal life by taking on the bulk of the process:

  • Scheduling the event
  • Booking the venue
  • Booking catering
  • Sending invites
  • Planning the theme and activities
  • Ordering decorations
  • Collaborating with others involved


Be your mental health partner

At Superpowers, we train our Executive Assistants to monitor and support your mental and physical health.  While they are not a substitute for a professional, they do work more closely with you than anyone else and are ideally positioned to help you stay healthy and balanced.

Our Superpowers Assistants strive to identify and combat entrepreneur burnout and stress early, so it does not become a larger problem.


Here are our top actionable ways you can start leveraging your assistant toward an improved personal life.

Get out there and enjoy time with the people you love!

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