A coach is looking at his big picture gameplan

Are You on the Field or on the Sidelines?

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Ryan Cassin

A coach is looking at his big picture gameplan

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Ask anyone if they want to be “sidelined,” and you’ll get a resounding “no.” Who wants to be out of the action or away from the chance to make a game-winning play?  But, we need to learn to lead with the big picture in mind.

But “staying on the field” is a mindset holding so many entrepreneurs back from effective delegation. They see themselves as players on a field rather than a coach leading with the big picture from the sidelines.  But when entrepreneurs take on too many roles, their multitasking is counterproductive.

Think about it:

A player on the field will execute the play – moving the ball down the field toward the goal. They perfectly understand the objective. They have everything they need: the training, the capability, and the skill to accomplish the task.

Meanwhile, the coach calls plays from the sideline, taking in the full view of the field and illuminating the path for the players. The coach champions the organization’s standards and values, setting expectations and casting a vision for the team.

Before you eagerly take the field on your next new project, take a moment to keep yourself on the sidelines to coach your team to victory.

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