5 Creative Ways to Use Your Assistant

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Ryan Cassin

You already know an assistant can be helpful for managing your work schedule, email inbox, and to-do list.  But there are so many other ways your assistant can make your life easier.

Here are 10 creative ways to use your assistant:

Information summation


As a business owner, you need to be up-to-date on the latest trends and ideas in your niche and beyond.  Your assistant can review important reports, books, and podcasts and provide you with summaries of the key points.

Like your own personal Spark Notes, your assistant can help you remain highly-informed without you having to take time away from completing high-value tasks and building relationships.

Delegation translation


Delegation is difficult for entrepreneurs because it’s often more time-consuming than doing it yourself. An assistant can speed up this process.  Next time you are completing a delegable task, record yourself talking through the task as you complete it.

Then, send that to your assistant. They can process the video and break it down into a clean, scaleable instructional tool for your delegates.



Gift-giving is another creative way to use your assistant. Thoughtful gift-giving can strengthen your relationships, both personal and professional, but do you often have time to select the perfect gift? This is a high-value task you can delegate to your assistant.

Your assistant can research and select gifts that stand out and fully reflect your sentiments.  All you need to do is select from the list of options they put together.

Maintaining your personal social media presence


Your assistant can represent you on your personal social media accounts by:

  • Posting content for you.
  • Engaging with the content posted by important personal and professional connections.
  • Helping you stay in touch and up-to-date with important people in your life.  They can filter out all the unnecessary info and provide only the most important details, so you don’t miss important moments.

Date night planning


Entrepreneurs are driven by excellence. They strive to be the best and give their best in everything they do. Unfortunately, a lot of entrepreneurs have expended all their creative energy by the end of the work week, so there is little left in the tank for planning meaningful, fun, and creative date nights (or family nights).

Your assistant can help! As a part of our unrivaled Curriculum, Coaching, and Community, we provide our Superpowers Assistants with resources on preparing, presenting, and planning out date nights for their entrepreneurs. Allow your assistant to:

  • Create a “menu” of different date night options – each with a short synopsis.
  • Then, you can indicate what you like and what you don’t.
  • Once you select your favorite option, your assistant can arrange the rest.
  • With time, your assistant will learn your preferences more and more, and you will continually have a bank of exciting, well-crafted, and ready-to-go date ideas for you and your partner.

We hope you found some valuable and creative ways to use your assistant.

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