Why We Don’t Hire Virtual Assistants

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Ryan Cassin

Let’s talk about why we don’t hire virtual assistants.

As a staffing solutions company, we don’t standard virtual assistants for our own operations team, and we don’t hire them for our clients.

Why not? Many companies hire virtual assistants to help out with their workload, and yes, virtual assistants are great for handling routine tasks that help maintain the day-to-day operations of a company.

We think VAs have a place in certain business models, but they face some significant limitations:

Limitations of Virtual Assistants


VAs are not full-time team members: Virtual assistants usually work for another company, and they work based on tasks or other contractual limitations.

What’s more, many split their time between other clients even while working for you. Their attention may often be split, limiting the quality of the work they can provide.

As a contractor, they do not work with the same knowledge and long-term motivating factors as your own team. Their work is defined by the scope of a static contract and not by the shifting needs that arise during the length of the project.

This factors may sometimes lead to incomplete projects, additional administrative headaches, and less-than-ideal work.


VAs are limited to a to-do list: Since they are hired on a contract and only a temporary member of your team, virtual assistants are limited to specific, agreed-upon tasks that you provide them.

This reliance on a to-do list becomes a growth limitor. Often, important tasks arise that the assistant would be qualified to address but they sit outside the scope of their work.

For example, they may be handling social media post scheduling. They notice an image has a spelling error that can be easily fixed in Canva.  Unfortunately, they don’t have access to the company’s Canva, an incentive to quickly resolve the issue, or permission to handle it themselves.

A 5-minute delay in finishing the scheduling process becames much more a hassle.


VAs are reactive: Since they are resctricted by a to-do list and limited permissions, virtual assistants operate reactively, not proactively.

They must first wait for your instructions and then get to work. They may be a great asset in addressing issues just outside the lens of their current provisions, but VAs are unable to engage with those tasks.  Instead, you or someone else on your team has to step in handle them. With the limitations VAs face, time is lost, fires are not put out quickly, and opportunities are missed.

Proactivity is the key to growth. Your time is limited. You can only do so much at once. But what if you could replicate yourself? What if you could a create second you who learns your wants, needs, and preferences and then acts upon them, representing you in decisions and pursuing your goals in the same way you would?

Standard virtual assistants check off a to-do list and call it a day, but a virtual Executive Assistant tackles your to-do list and then looks around for “what’s next.”  They are fully dedicated to your business and take a proactive role in getting things done, even before you ask.

As a company that is looking for exponential growth, we know we need as many proactive players as we can, and that is why we hire, train, and equip virtual Executive Assistants.

Five Key Advantages Your EA Has Over a VA


  1. EAs are highly adaptable.
  • They take on new challenges and respond to unexpected situations without constantly requiring your input on the next steps.
  1. EAs anticipate you.
  • While a VA focuses on individual tasks as they receive them, an EA sees around the corner. They know how to fully prepare you in advance and eliminate issues before they get out of hand.  VAs are reactive – EAs are proactive.
  1. EAs act as your coordinator.
  • They organize the people on your team or your direct reports to operate smoothly together without you constantly keeping “a hand on the wheel.”  They help you maintain efficient communication with your team.
  1. EAs proactively clear the way.
  • Their Unique Ability helps keep you in your Unique Ability – the skills and tasks that you excel at and love.  EAs remove from your plate tasks that aren’t the highest value or best use of your time, either by handling the tasks themselves or reassigning them to another team member.
  1. EAs understand you.

How Do You Find an Executive Assistant? 


There are wealth of options for virtual assistants on the market, but there few virtual assistants that are trained, equipped, and qualified to work as Executive Assistants.

At Superpowers, we pride ourselves in leading this niche with our innovative, unique-to-industry Curriculum, Coaching, and Community.  Through our CCC, our assistants receive unrivaled tools and support that help them lead their industry.

We’re happy to talk through the process of hiring an assistant – and we make sure you walk away with valuable information, no salesiness.  Schedule a quick call today. Beat out your competition with a top-tier EA.

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