Grow your business faster with an asssistant

Grow Your Business Faster. (With an Assistant)

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Grow your business faster with an asssistant

You want to grow your business faster – and that makes total sense.

As an entrepreneur, you invest your time and money in a business idea that may one day provide you with financial independence and freedom to live life on your terms.

The sooner you reach a point of high ROIs, the faster you can live your ideal life.

Let’s talk about how an assistant can help you grow your business faster.


They Protect Your To-Do List


Entrepreneurs understand that progress doesn’t make itself.  If you don’t bring in money this month, you and your family won’t eat.  This understanding leads entrepreneurs to fill in the gaps where things are not getting down around their business.

Plugging leaks or steering the ship?  While plugging all the holes in the boat keeps your business afloat, this is not best use of your time.  You are the captain, so you produce the most growth when you dedicate your time to leadership and engaging in high-value opportunities.

Your virtual Executive Assistant protects your to-do list – from you and from others:

  • They tactfully confront you when you are filling your schedule with delegable tasks
  • They monitor your email and other correspondences to filter out distractions.
  • They flag high-value concerns and deal with the rest


They Coordinate Your Team


Those little leaks may not be worth your time, but they still threaten the ship.  You must strategically delegate these tasks to team members and contractors.  Unfortunately, delegating to a team is complicated; it sometimes takes more time to delegate tasks than to do it yourself.

Let your Executive Assistant handle it for you!  As your coordinator, your assistant can:

  • Identify delegable tasks
  • Find the best person for the job
  • Provide instructions
  • Monitoring their progress
  • Give you important updates

Save yourself some time.  Next time you are completing a task, simply record yourself and send it to your assistant – you may need to throw in a few explanations as you go.

Your assistant can clean up the video, document the process, and use it to explain the task to others.


They Manage Your Schedule


Your time is the fuel for your company’s growth.  As the visionary with high-value skills that got your company to this point, you cannot afford to use your time inefficiently.  Yet, with demands from coming from every direction, your schedule can easily get a bit haphazard.

Your assistant helps you maximize your time by:

  • Managing your professional and private schedules
  • Setting appointments
  • Reminding you about and preparing you for your appointments
  • Scheduling and protecting “deep work” times where you can focus on high-value tasks uninterrupted
  • Customizing your schedule so it works best for you. Like your meetings in the afternoon? Want to do deepwork on Fridays?

Your assistant has your back.  They keep your life organized, so you can keep moving fullspeed ahead, free of distractions.



These are just a few ways an assistant helps you grow your business faster!

Any further questions about hiring or working with an Executive Assistant? We are happy to answer your questions and help you work through the process!

Book a discovery call today! It’s a short 30-minute conversation that allows you to ask questions, design your ideal assistant, and learn best practices for finding an assistant.

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