Grow your business faster with an asssistant

Grow your Business. A No-Nonsense Solution.

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Grow your business faster with an asssistant

So you want to grow your business faster?  In every bookstore and corner of the internet, you can find tricks, strategies, and gimmicks that may help accelerate growth in your business.

But as a serious entrepreneur and business owner, you want practical and effective solutions – we get that.  Our founders are successful serial entrepreneurs who have founded, run, and scaled several successful businesses.

So let’s talk about their number one no-nonsense solution for growth:  Delegation.  


Delegation: Why it Works. 


If you’re working with a viable business model, you face only one main obstacle – time.

If you have enough time, you can source the right talent.

If you have enough time, you can find and land clients.

If you have enough time, you can develop your product/service to become a strong competitor in your niche.

Nothing is preventing you from growing your business…

If you have enough time. 

However, you only have 24 hours each day. There is a hard cap on your time, and there is only one way to overcome this limitation – effective delegation.


Delegation: How it Works. 


Effective delegation.  EFFECTIVE is the key word here.  Many entrepreneurs struggle with delegation.  Delegation’s importance isn’t news to you, but a lot of business owners give up on delegation because it feels inefficient.

How to delegate effectively: 


  • Delegate the right tasks – Before you spend time delegating a task, consider eliminating it altogether.  Think a task is unnecessary?  Try temporarily eliminating it and then monitor the impact.  For essential tasks:
    • Identify the tasks you don’t enjoy.  There is a reason you don’t enjoy these tasks; someone else is likely better suited for these jobs.
    • Identify the tasks that are outside of your skill set.  Someone else may be more efficient or skilled at completing the task.
    • Identify the tasks that aren’t worth your time.  You may enjoy a task and be great at it, but you should consider the opportunity cost of completing the task.  Are there better ways to spend your time?


  • Communicate delegation efficiently – We’ve put together an entire list of communication tricks for efficient delegation. Feel free to check it out.  Here are a few to get you started:
    • Use familiar, pre-defined templates when delegating.
    • Use video explanations to streamline delegation.
    • Speed up the feedback process with shared cloud-based documents.


  • Delegate delegation – Your time is valuable; that’s why you are delegating.  You lose the benefits of delegation if you spend your newly-found time on facilitating and monitoring the delegation process.


How Superpowers Can Help


Our Superpowers Assistants are delegation specialists.  We exist to help successful entrepreneurs achieve New Levels of Freedom and Growth, and effective delegation is the key to that Growth.

Superpowers Assistants facilitate effective delegation through:

  • Helping you identify delegable tasks – A Superpowers Assistant is your virtual personal assistant; they are trained to learn your habits, strengths, weaknesses, and priorities – everything that makes you tick.
    • Equipped with this knowledge, they can monitor your schedule, to-do lists, and inbox, filtering out every non-essential demand for attention.
    • As a business owner, it’s sometimes hard to say “no.”  You are used to taking on any unaddressed needs in your business, but your assistant can be that critical, objective eye that puts their foot down and tells you when it’s time to delegate something.
  • Acting as your delegation coordinator – Let your Executive Assistant handle delegation for you.  As your coordinator, your assistant can:
    • Identify delegable tasks
    • Find the best person for the job
    • Give instructions
    • Monitor progress
    • Provide you important updates

Leverage your assistant to handle team management, so you can focus on projects that grow your business!  Delegation is the most powerful tool you can use to grow your business.  An Executive Assistant makes effective delegation more than possible – they make it effortless.




If you’d like to explore how a virtual Executive Assistant can help you grow your business faster, we’re happy to answer your questions and equip you to make the best decision for your company.  Schedule a quick 30-minute call, and we’ll talk through the process – no salesy-ness and it’s free of charge!


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