how to design your ideal week

How You and Your Assistant Can Design Your Ideal Week

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how to design your ideal week

Superpowers Assistants to do more than manage calendars. They understand their entrepreneurs, learn their needs, and design an ideal week that maximizes efficiency, productivity, and wellbeing.

Exceptional results begin with exceptional habits, so designing your ideal weekly schedule should be the first step you can take toward reaching your goals.

design your ideal week with exceptional habits


Here’s how you can begin designing your ideal week with your assistant…


1. Assistant: Identity What You Know About Your Client


If you have a Superpowers Assistant, they have already begun the process for you.

Even before the two of you schedule a meeting around this topic, your assistant will reflect on what they know about you and your needs.

They will consider:

  • Success criteria you have provided about your ideal week
  • Scheduling habits that have/have not worked well for you in the past
  • Categories or specific tasks that often slip through the cracks
  • High-priority repeated tasks that need to be present on your calendar
  • If you have built-in focus time each day

This pre-work process saves you valuable time. Your assistant will come into your initial meeting with a foundational idea of how your ideal week will look.


2. Assistant and Entrepreneur: Meet to Design Your Ideal Week


With the foundation in place, the two of you can refine and build out the process. Set up a meeting to design your ideal week in its entirety.

These questions can help you build on what you already have:

  • What on your schedule is already at an ideal time?
  • What do you wish could be at a different time?
  • What activities or tasks are not on your schedule that ideally would be? When would these occur?

Consider scheduling personal life and self-care activities. They are integral for a well-balanced life.  Date nights, workouts, meditation, children’s sporting events…

  • What on your schedule absolutely cannot be moved?
  • When is an ideal time to schedule “focus time” for doing deep work?
  • When is an ideal time for scheduling free days? Time to relax and do fewer or no work-related tasks.
  • What activities, meetings, or tasks are on your calendar that can be delegated to someone else?

Delegation is often difficult for entrepreneurs, but your time is valuable, and your ideal week should not include extraneous tasks.

3. Assistant and Entrepreneur: Implement and Optimize the Process


Now that you have an idea of what your ideal week looks like, start by creating a sense of rhythm.  First, begin by creating predictability in how the week flows.  Predictability is essential for maximizing efficiency.

When we have a clear and familiar structure, we can easily move from one task to the next.

Start by identifying key activities or meetings during your week.  Then, group them together and assign them to a specific day of the week.

Consider grouping these activities on the same day each week. Develop consistency:

  • All internal meetings
  • All sales/external meetings
  • Meetings centered around a specific function of the business
  • Focus days and free days
  • Time to review your Daily Bullet
  • Activities such as workouts, lunch groups/meetings, date nights


Set quantifiable, but realistic expectations when beginning implementation. It may take time to fully implement and refine your ideal week. You will find some things work, others do not.

Once you feel comfortable with the predictability and structure at a day-by-day level, you and your assistant can increase precision by structuring activities by the hour.

Group similar activities together, so you avoid “switching gears” too often during your day.

Be sure to block time for:

  • Inbox reviews
  • Focus time
  • Open door/interrupted time
  • Meetings during the week
  • Self-care
  • Professional tasks
  • Personal tasks
  • All other personalized needs and wants you have discovered through the process so far.

4. Assistant and Entrepreneur: Adapt and Fine-Tune


The initial conversations will help your assistant understand you and your needs. But this is just the foundation.

As they work with you for a longer time, their understanding of our needs will evolve, and your weekly schedule will evolve.

We want our work to be genuinely life-changing for you, so we do not follow cookie-cutter processes. 

Our Superpowers Assistants work to understand and know you as an individual and a person, not just as an entrepreneur or client. 

Your ideal week should be a direct reflection of you, and we work to ensure this.

How can your assistant help you personalize your weekly schedule?

Here are a few examples of how our Superpowers Assistants have done this with their entrepreneurs:

  • One entrepreneur suffers from chronic pain. After a full day of back-to-back meetings, her energy levels are low, and she is in a lot of pain.  Her assistant identified an opportunity for increased comfort and productivity.  She moved all meetings to the mornings, where the entrepreneur had more energy and less pain.  Afternoons have become a protected time for project work and lower energy activities.


  • Another entrepreneur starts their day with a walk, so her Assistant protects this time.  No meetings are scheduled before 10 am.  Also, there are no meetings on Fridays either so the entrepreneur can focus on closing out the week by completing any open projects.  These scheduling boundaries have created space for improved wellbeing, organization, and clarity of thought.


  • A third entrepreneur appreciates working out in the morning – they feel more energetic and productive.  Carrying that energy into their day, they jump into “idea time” where they get their creative juices flowing.  Then, they attend meetings in the afternoon.  These scheduled habits are uniquely tailored to the client’s needs and maximize the value of their day.



In no time at all, you and your assistant will have created your ideal week – a schedule designed to optimize your time, prioritize your goals, and accommodate for your strengths and weaknesses.

With this strategy in place, you will be equipped to achieve new growth and freedom in your personal and professional lives.

What details are absolutely essential when you design your own ideal week?  Let us know in the comments!

Interested in hearing more about finding your ideal assistant? Let’s discuss what you need to consider when finding the right assistant for you.  Book a Discovery Call today!

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