An entrepreneur reads his daily bullet update

What is a Daily Bullet and How Can it Make Your Life Better?

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Ryan Cassin

An entrepreneur reads his daily bullet update

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Making that transition between working hours and personal time is particularly difficult for entrepreneurs. Before working with a Superpowers Assistant, many of our clients confess turning off their laptops at the end of the day is downright anxiety-inducing (if it happens at all!). They find themselves checking emails during family time and working late into the night. They struggle to detach their thoughts from work.


The Daily Bullet


We’ve created the “Daily Bullet” playbook. It provides a consistent structure for guiding Executive Assistants in providing their entrepreneurs a daily summary of completed tasks.  This summary is a powerful tool for increasing visibility and decreasing stress.

At its core, the Daily Bullet is a concise recap of both the entrepreneur and EA’s day. But according to our Superpowers Executive Assistants, this tool does so much more.



How Does it Help?


After scanning the Daily Bullet, an entrepreneur can transition into their evening, reflecting on the accomplishments, confident there are no critical unresolved issues, and excited about the next day. It is a powerful tool for promoting the well-being of entrepreneurs.

  • “My entrepreneur says it helps him focus. He knows what needs to get done, and he’s not wasting time or wondering what to do next! He also loves knowing what got done. Makes him feel like things are moving along.” – Amber, Superpowers Assistant

It is designed to give all the necessary and relevant information without overwhelming entrepreneurs.

  • “I find that it keeps us synced up just a little better. It eliminates those ‘Did I have Kathryn do that?’ moments from his evenings.’ And truly – it helps me hold myself accountable. I like to see a LONG list of accomplishments at the end of every day.” – Kathryn, Superpowers Assistant.

A Daily Bullet gives entrepreneurs the freedom to disconnect once the workday is complete.

  • “It also just really ties up any loose ends from the day, so it helps to keep the communication between my entrepreneur and me up to date and organized.” – Danielle, Superpowers Assistant.

It helps foster the assistant and entrepreneur relationship by creating the space to personalize and tailor each Daily Bullet to fit each entrepreneur’s specific needs.

  • “My client loves the quick clicks that I include as a way to unwind.” – Alicia, Superpowers Assistant.

While the Daily Bullet is humble in its goals, the consistent confidence it imparts is invaluable.

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