How is superpowers different?

Why Hire a Superpowers Assistant?

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How is superpowers different?

You can hire a virtual assistant from dozens of staffing companies. So why hire a Superpowers Assistant?

We know it’s not a simple choice, so we wanted to share how we equip our assistants to outperform their counterparts and help you reach your goals faster.

How does a Superpowers Assistant stand out from other assistants?


Unique Standard of Excellence

Superpowers Assistants are distinct from other online assistants because they follow a unique standard of excellence. We only hire assistants that exhibit our core values:

We are committed to excellence

Many of our competitors strive to deliver excellent assistants as well, so we labled this core value as “common.”  But we position our  Superpowers Assistants to successfully deliver on that promise of excellence. We undergo a strenuous selection process for each assistant-entrepreneur pairing we make.

The process begins with our discovery call with the client. We walk through a guided conversation that helps us understand the client and their unique needs. We then have the client take a short but comprehensive personality and workstyle test.

Armed with this knowledge, we look for and select their ideal match from thousands of candidates. This asisstant will have the compatible core values, workstyle, and skill set to seemlessly deliver on our promise of excellence.

We are a community built on teamwork

We believe we are better together. When you hire an assistant from most companies, that is it. You hire the assistant, and you will benefit from whatever knowledge, skills, and resources they personally have. Few companies provide additional outside help.

However, when you hire a Superpowers Assistant, you gain more than just an assistant. Your assistant has access to an extensive library of resources that equip them for working as an assistant.

Also, your assistant receives one-on-one coaching and access to our private forums where they can ask questions and talk things over with other assistants. We dig deeper into these benefits below.

We are in constant motion

At Superpowers, we believe in constant motion. That is why our assistants are not called virtual assistants. We call them virtual Executive Assistants because they are not limited to a to-do lists like most virtual assistants.

Instead, they are constantly looking for ways to push your vision forward and create new growth in your company. They have the authority and skill set to make high-value steps forward for the company. They anticipate your needs and complete tasks even before you ask.

We live beyond the golden rule

Our virtual Executive Assistants look out for you and your business as much, and even more, than you. When they see a problem or foresee an issue, they are trained to jump into action and find the best solution. Your business is their business. Your goals are their goals.

We embody the entrepreneurial spirit

Superpowers Assistants are not assistants – they are partners. They are trained to be a proactive no. 2 for you. They keep your business moving forward even when you are not present. They pursue growth and understand the absolute necessity of getting results, not just putting in hours.

Unrivaled Support


While we are very selective with our hires, we don’t expect our assistants to outperform their counterparts on their own. We personally ensure your and their success by supporting them with our unique-to-industry Curriculum, Coaching, and Community.


Our comprehensive and ongoing training equips your assistant with everything they need to navigate, and lead, their field.

Here’s a look at the Superpowers Curriculum:

Superpowers University – A three-day training intensive covering essential technical and soft skills for Executive Assistants. This occurs before they arrive for their first day with you.

Continuing education resources – Training resources for continued growth after Superpowers University. These cover many of the soft skills required to excel as an Executive Assistant, working proactively, entrepreneur-assistant communication, and representing their entrepreneur.

Proven Playbooks – A growing library of practical guides to help your assistant seamlessly manage your daily business activities.

Masterclasses – How-to videos presented by experienced Executive Assistants.

Quarterly learning events – Learning events with leaders in the entrepreneurial community like Strategic Coach and Entrepreneur Operating System. Both you and your assistant are welcome to attend these events!

Monthly Focuses – Each month, your assistant selects and completes a training module on a specific high-value skill.

These focuses allow your assistant to target what they need to learn and quickly get up to speed on that skill.


Learning alone is a slow process, and the learning curve for an assistant is steep.

Luckily, Superpowers Assistants don’t have to figure everything out on their own; our coaches accelerate their growth by providing accountability, correction, and help.

Each of our Superpowers Assistants regularly sits down and chats one-on-one with our experienced coaches. These conversations eliminate many of the obstacles and inefficiencies of learning alone.

What might have taken years to build alone takes just a few months with Superpowers Coaching!


In our Superpowers Community, assistants are equipped, challenged, and encouraged through:

Monthly cohort meetings –  Each month, we provide assistant cohort meetings. These cohorts provide an ideal environment for sharing ideas, discussing challenges, and building relationships with other assistants.

Each cohort highlights a specific topic or skill, and assistants discuss their practical experiences with implementing it.

Slack community – We also provide a digital space for sharing ideas, best practices, and problem-solving techniques among top-performing Executive Assistants.

We find assistants often need an answer to a question in a pinch.  Maybe they need a recommendation for a reliable contractor, a formula for conducting discovery calls, or help navigating a new software program.

With the collective experience of our top-performing assistants, the answer to your assistant’s question is often just one channel message away!



Why hire a Superpowers Assistant? There are many talented, hardworking assistants out there, but few perform their job under the high standard of excellence we mandate at Superpowers. We believe in proactive assistants that understand how to spur growth.

Also, we don’t expect our assistants to lead their industry on their own. We provide unrivaled support through our unique-to-industry Curriculum, Coaching, and Community.

Considering finding an exceptional assistant? We are happy to help you with that – or point you in the right direction.

Feel free to book a discovery call, and we’ll talk through your needs and all the tricks and tips of hiring an assistant – no pressure and no sales gimmicks.

If we’re a right fit for each other, great! If not, you will leave equipped to make the best decision for this important hire.

Any other questions? Feel free to write them below.

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