Reach Your Goals Faster – With an Assistant

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How do you reach your goals faster? Even the most productive entrepreneurs are limited by the constraints of their time.

BUT! An Executive Assistant can help you transcend the cap on your productivity. A virtual Executive Assistant is not the same as a standard virtual assistant you hire to complete a list of to-dos.

While virtual Executive Assistants work remotely, they take on similar responsibilities as old-school personal assistants. They are your number 2, helping you reach whatever goals you might have in your business or personal life.

How to reach your goals faster


How does an assistant help you reach your goals faster?

Help You Optimize Your Schedule


At Superpowers, we train our assistant to build your ideal schedule – a schedule that plays into your unique lifestyle, workstyle, preferences, strengths, and weaknesses.  Need to have meetings in the morning? Need to work out just before your lunch? Your assistant can help you design, protect, and optimize a schedule that helps you work as efficiently as possible and reach your goals faster. They can help by:

  • Helping you set high-value and objective goals. (Superpower’s unique-to-industry training covers this extensively.)
  • Adding all your commitments to a unified calendar.
  • Blocking out times to handle tasks.
  • Identifying tasks that need to be removed.
  • Identifying events that should be on your calendar but are not.
  • Giving you extra prompts for tasks you have a history of neglecting or forgetting.
  • Communicating with others to coordinate your calendar with theirs

Help You Optimize Your To-Do List


Your time is valuable and scarce. As an entrepreneur, you have dozens of things you would like to achieve, but your to-do list quickly fills up with urgent tasks, and you end up having to put things to the side.  Not every task needs to fall on you, so your assistant can help you clean up your to-do list and free up time to pursue your goals:

  • Helping you identify delegable tasks: Often, there is someone who can do the work at less opportunity cost (and often better).
  • Keeping you accountable for removing those tasks: Your business is your baby – it’s often hard to let others take over tasks that influence the health of your company.
  • Reminding you of what’s on your list: Your assistant is your to-do list manager. They can help you stay on top of your to-do list, including the activities that help you pursue your goals.
  • Ensuring nothing falls through the cracks: You have a lot to juggle. Your assistant is a highly organized person who can keep you organized and on top of all your responsibilities. You focus on getting things done. They focus on ensuring you remember them all.

Help Your Team Operate Efficiently


Your Executive Assistant can work as a chief of staff and project manager, helping your team complete tasks efficiently and reach goals faster. Your assistant can help by:

  • Identifying delegable tasks: Your assistant can monitor your to-do list and pair delegable tasks with the right talent.
  • Being your liaison: You can send quick instructions for tasks (maybe a voice message) or record yourself doing a task.  Your assistant can process this information and turn it into easily digestible instructions for your team.
  • Monitoring delegates’ progress: Your assistant can monitor the progress of the team, so you don’t have to step away from the high-value activities you are completing.
  • Give you important updates: For some things, you need to stay in the loop. Your assistant can learn what high-value information you need to hear and provide updates on these elements.

Help You with Your Personal Goals


Our Superpowers Executive Assistants do more than help you reach your professional goals.

Your assistant can help you reach your personal goals faster and more efficiently:

  • Scheduling time for your goals: Workout time, reading time, meditation time, family time – your assistant can help you stay on track by including scheduled, dedicated time for pursuing and/or maintaining these goals.
  • Keeping you accountable: Your assistant is often your ideal accountability partner. They know your schedule and activities inside and out, so they can gently confront you when you are not following through on those goals.
  • Conducting research: You may have goals to reach, but the time commitment of preliminary research may be getting in the way of you taking those first steps. Let your assistant handle that for you while you get other things done.
  • Handing the details: You may not have time to book a good trainer or buy paint brushes and an easel, but your assistant can do that for you.

We are so excited to see how this information helps you reach your goals faster! Superpowers was founded from our leadership’s genuine passion for helping fellow entrepreneurs reach New Levels of Freedom and Growth in their business and personal lives.

Our assistants receive unrivaled training and support that equips them to help their entrepreneurs achieve their goals at unprecedented rates.

Interested in more information? Schedule a discovery call, and we’ll talk through it in a n0-pressure, non-salesy conversation about you, your needs, and goals.

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