The Best Way to Train an Assistant

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So you’ve hired a talented, ambitious assistant – great! But what’s the best way to train an assistant? Top-tier training and resources are what separate the highest-performing assistants from the rest.

But do you have the time to develop and provide the comprehensive training your assistant needs? If you’ve hired an assistant to help you leverage your time, the answer is probably “no.”

Our founders were in the exact same boat, so they devised the ideal strategy to help – Superpowers Membership.

What is a Superpowers Membership?

Let’s talk about it…

What is a Superpowers Membership?


At Superpowers, we pride ourselves on training, equipping, and supporting the industry’s top-performing virtual Executive Assistants.  Normally, we also hire and onboard your assistant for you, but if you’ve already got one, no problem!

With a Superpowers Membership, you can give your assistant a competitive advantage through access to our training, community, and education resources.  These are the same resources we use to train and equip our top-performing Superpowers Assistants.

  • We facilitate the training process so you can remain “hands off.”


  • We are in the trenches of the assistant world day to day, so we update and optimize our training to ensure your assistant gets the latest and best assistant-specific training.

A Superpowers Membership allows you to focus on your work while your assistant receives the absolute best, specialized assistant training.


What does a Superpowers Membership Provide?


With your Superpowers Membership, your assistant can access many of the same resources we provide our assistants:


1.  A support community of top-performing Executive Assistants

Superpowers Members are welcomed into the Superpowers Assistant Community. They can access our Slack channels where our community of experienced assistants shares ideas and answers questions.

We find assistants often need an answer to a question in a pinch.  Maybe they need a recommendation for a reliable contractor, a formula for conducting discovery calls, or help navigating a new software program.

With the collective experience of our top-performing assistants, the answer to your assistant’s question is usually just one channel message away!


2. Continuing education resources

As a Superpowers Member, your assistant can access our ever-expanding resource library of continuing education resources.

We provide playbooks that take your assistant from zero knowledge on a subject to executing seamlessly and efficiently. Each playbook guides your assistant through every step of the process, ensuring an accurate and reliable result each time.

Our resource library covers a wide range of topics. We cover:

  • Technical skills: CRM usage, process documentation, and inbox management…
  • Strategy building: Setting quarterly goals, managing to-do lists, designing your Ideal Week
  • Relational skills:  Relationship-building on your behalf, being a personal concierge, strengthening client relations…

Superpowers Membership Playbooks

A look at some of the playbooks in our library

3. Monthly cohorts

These monthly cohorts allow assistants to share ideas, discuss challenges, and build relationships with other top-performing EAs.

Each cohort centers around a specific topic.  Assistants discuss the practical application of the principle and bounce their ideas off each other – their struggles, insights, and tricks.


4. Masterclasses

Many of our community members are experts in certain Executive Assistant skills.  We’ve created a library of masterclasses in which these assistants teach what they have learned.


5. Quarterly Learning Events

We also provide quarterly learning events where you and your assistant can learn from industry-leading experts from organizations like Strategic Coach and Entrepreneur Operating System.

These events come free of charge with your Superpowers Membership.


6. Monthly Focuses

Monthly Focuses help your assistant target specific high-value skills. At the beginning of each quarter, we provide them with a list of topics from which they can select their Monthly Focuses. 

Each month, your assistant will complete their target module and perfect their skills.  The work is comprehensive but light, requiring just an hour a week.


7. Monthly one-on-one coaching calls

As a Superpowers Member, your assistant also has monthly coaching calls with our coaches.

Learning alone is slow.

Luckily, our coaches use their years of experience to accelerate your assistant’s progress by providing accountability, correction, and help.

What might have taken years to build alone takes just a few months with a Superpowers Membership and coach.


What’s Next?


Interested in learning About Superpowers Membership?  Book a quick, 30-minute discovery call today!  We’re happy to answer your questions.

Don’t have an assistant yet? We can help with that, too! You can just set up a discovery call at the link above.

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