Man conducts a discovery call

Give Not Sell: The Secret to a Great Discovery Call

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Ryan Cassin

Man conducts a discovery call

Our Purpose: Provide Value


What can you expect from a discovery call with Superpowers?

A discovery call is a crucial step in the sales process – it defines a prospective client’s understanding of the seller and their product.

From this understanding, we build our approach with this one question:

What is the most important thing we want our prospective client to understand?

Our answer:

We want them to understand that in everything we do, our criteria for success is providing value. 

Our job is not completed by following a system of steps or putting in a set number of hours.  It is only complete once our client experiences value in the way they hoped.


The discovery call process is our first opportunity to build a client’s confidence in us and our values. So we waste no time – we use the call as our first opportunity to begin doing what intend to always do – provide value!


Lay off the sales and provide value!

How to Provide Value


Entrepreneurs are busy. Their time is valuable, so we honor that time by providing impactful information that will make a difference in their lives.

It’s a simple two-step process:

  1. Ask Questions
  2. Provide Answers


1. Ask Questions


Avoid immediately jumping into an information dump.  Instead, convey your desire to help by beginning with understanding your potential client.  

Become a student of your guest; ask intelligent guiding questions.

We use a version of the D.O.S method by Strategic Coach, and we uniquely tailor it to understand our potential clients and help them discover any gaps in knowledge they may have about our service, Virtual Executive Assistants.

The more we can get them talking about their goals, values, and unique challenges, the more we can truly understand them.

We focus on finding our potential client’s Unique Ability, the skills which they love to do and excel at.

These skills set the entrepreneur apart and power their company’s growth. We help our clients identify what is preventing them from spending time on their Unique Ability.


Spend at least 80% of the call on questions and understanding your potential clients.  Convey your desire to understand and provide them applicable and accurate advice.

2. Provide Answers


Once you have a genuine and clear understanding of your client, their knowledge, and their needs, you can begin providing answers.

Remaining true to our goal, we want to avoid a sales pitch. Instead, we take the personalized knowledge we have acquired and work through:

  • How an assistant can help the potential client
  • What type of assistant, if any, is right for the client
  • Complications and considerations involved in the assistant-finding process
  • The exact steps they can take to find their ideal assistant


Finally, we provide information after the discovery call.

This is an essential step. With consent from the guest, we create a recording and outline of the discovery call and provide it to them.

We want to ensure they glean as much knowledge from their time with us as possible.




We want our clients to understand our service, but it is more important that they know we are there to help. An effective discovery call conveys this intention by providing concrete value.

Next time you conduct a discovery call, remember: give, not sell.

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