Learn if a Virtual Assistant More Efficient than An In-Office Assistant

Why Hire a Virtual Assistant? (And Why NOT)

Ryan Cassin

Ryan Cassin

Learn if a Virtual Assistant More Efficient than An In-Office Assistant

Your business is growing – that’s great!  But your to-do list is growing, too – that’s not so great.  Should you hire a virtual assistant?

There’s a good chance you’ve seen business blogs mentioning virtual assistants.  These easy-to-hire, low-cost talents can lend you their skills to knock out a few extra tasks and lighten your workload.

But how do you know if a virtual assistant is right for you?


Benefits of a virtual assistant


A virtual assistant is right for you if:

You are looking for affordable freelance talent to knock out tasks that are building up on your to-do list.

Affordability: On Upwork, the average virtual assistant will cost you a manageable $10-20 an hour.

Freelance: Virtual assistants almost always work by the hour.  They are a NOT full-time member of your staff.  You hire them to complete a task, and they receive compensation based on hours put in.

Task-based: Because virtual assistants work as talent-for-hire, they are ideal for completing straightforward, process-based tasks.

Tasks you can hire a virtual assistant for: 

  • Digital Marketing
  • SEO
  • Copyrighting/Proofreading
  • Travel Planning/Reservations
  • Social Media Management
  • Invoicing
  • Data Entry
  • Research
  • Website Design
  • Visual Content Creation
  • Podcast Creation
  • CRM Management
  • PR Management
  • Designing Affiliate Programs


Limitations of a virtual assistant


When you hire a virtual assistant, you face two major limitations: Virtual assistant support is not proactive or holistic.

Not Proactive:  As task-based, freelance talents, virtual assistants are confined to a to-do list.  Once they complete that list, they punch out and move on.

In a business, there is always something more that needs to be done.  As such, team members who identify “what’s next” and remain in constant motion are highly-valuable.  Proactive team members are essential for strong company health and growth.

A virtual assistant is not a dedicated member of your team; they work as a contractor, so their level of investment is limited.  Growth opportunities may go untapped.

Not Holistic: Virtual assistants are hired for specific tasks.  They may be unable or unqualified to address concerns that fall outside of the boundaries of their specific project.

Many times, you may have an immediate and pressing need – in these moments, an all-around assistant would be valuable.

As an organizational leader, you may want a “no. 2” – a partner who helps you manage your time, relationships, and commitments, so you can focus on doing your best work.  A virtual assistant is unable to be that all-around, fully-dedicated partner.


Consider: A virtual Executive Assistant


Looking for that supportive partner who understands your unique needs, proactively identifies pain points in your life, and keeps you performing at your best?

A virtual Executive Assistant may be the perfect fit for you.  A virtual EA tackles your to-do list and then looks around for “what’s next.”  These virtual Executive Assistants handle routine administrative tasks, but they take a more hands-on approach.

They are fully dedicated to your business and take a proactive role in getting things done, even before you ask.

Virtual Executive Assistants work alongside you and tailor their approach to your specific needs.

Extra things virtual Executive Assistants do: 

  • Filter your tasks: They help you identify delegable tasks that are taking time away from what matters.
  • Protect your calendar and to-do list:  They monitor your correspondences and filter out non-essential tasks and requests, deferring them to a more appropriate time or teammate.
  • Manage your calendar: They ensure you are always on top of your commitments – never miss important meetings or dates!
  • Life-Balance: They are trained to identify and combat burnout and help you schedule personal and family time.
  • Represent you at work: They can function as chief of staff, delegating tasks to your team, providing instructions, and ensuring things run smoothly in your absence.
  • Protect your time off: No more phone calls on the beach.  When you are away from the office, your EA can monitor your inbox and business number, reaching out to you only in emergencies.
  • Represent you online: With a trusted, close relationship, they can represent you through your social media accounts, connecting with valuable professional connections and filling you in on important updates.
  • Anything else: Whatever helps you succeed, that’s their job!


If you’re looking for that all-around partner, we can help!  Our Superpowers Assistants lead their field – they receive unrivaled support through our Curriculum, Coaching, and Community.

Interested in hiring a Superpowers Powers assistant or have serious questions about the process?  Schedule a Discovery Call today!

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