Benefits of an Executive Assistant

The Benefits of an Executive Assistant

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Benefits of an Executive Assistant

You’ve heard about Executive Assistants.  Is one a good fit for your organization?  What are the benefits of an Executive Assistant?

Let’s talk about it…

Increased Organization

Stay on top of your responsibilities – No more dropped correspondences, forgotten commitments, and missed opportunities.

An Executive Assistant can coordinate and organize your schedules, maintain your inbox, oversee projects, and communicate with your clients and team.  They are your no. 2, keeping you on track and working at your full potential.  You handle the task in front of you, and they handle the rest.


Increased Growth

Grow faster – You are most productive when working in your Unique Ability, the unique skills you excel in and love to do.  But as a business owner, are you losing time handling routine tasks, monitoring your team, and filling in the gaps at your company?

Your Executive Assistant can identify delegable tasks on your to-do list and help coordinate the delegation of those tasks.

Your Executive Assistant can be your coordinator, either handling these tasks themselves or identifying the best team member for the job.  They can monitor progress and report back to you when important developments occur.

With your assistant acting as your filter and coordinator, you can focus your time on what produces the most growth for your company.


Increased Freedom

Live Freer – spend your time how you want.  As the owner of your business, you are responsible for keeping your business afloat, and that leads to long hours and little free time.

An assistant gives you increased freedom by working with you to remove delegable tasks from your plate.

Do more of what you want when you want.  Enjoy more time off, take on a new project, or become more “hands-off” – it’s up to you.


Healthier Living

Discover a healthy balance – The non-stop workload of an entrepreneur wears on your health and contributes to entrepreneur burnout.  Rest is essential for feeling your best and being your best.

An Executive Assistant can schedule vacations and leisure time.  They can schedule and protect your personal time, blocking non-essential concerns from invading these important rest times.

Your assistant can be your health accountability partner.  At Superpowers, we train our assistants to monitor and support your mental and physical health.  They strive to identify and combat burnout and stress.  Also, as your schedule coordinator, they can help you stay on track with your personal wellness goals.


Strengthened Professional Relationships

Connect with your clients – As a part of our Superpowers Curriculum, Coaching, and Community, our assistants receive training on representing their entrepreneurs through social media, email, and other correspondences.

An assistant can post on your social media and engage with important business and personal connections through your social media account.  They can watch for important events in your clients’ personal and professional lives and provide meaningful responses on your behalf.

Also, your assistant can monitor and organize your inbox, ensuring that all important messages receive prompt and sufficient attention.


Strengthened Personal Relationships 

Build Deeper Relationships – Your assistant can schedule and protect date nights and family time.  They can remind you of birthdays, help find meaningful presents, and keep you up-to-date on important events in the lives of your personal connections.

When it’s time for your free days, your assistant can monitor your inbox, filtering out low-priority concerns and alerting you only when it’s absolutely necessary.  You can rest easy, knowing your assistant has your back.

Get out there and enjoy time with the people you love.



Want to experience the benefits of an Executive Assistant in your own life?  Interested in learning more?  We’re happy to equip you with the knowledge to make the best decision for this important hire.  Schedule a 30-minute Discovery Call today.

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