Things An Executive Assistant Can Do

3 Helpful Things an Executive Assistant Can Do

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Things An Executive Assistant Can Do

Our mission is to help entrepreneurs achieve New Levels of Freedom and Growth, and we believe nothing helps you reach those New Levels like a great Executive Assistant. Here are a few helpful things an Executive Assistant can do – feel free to try them out!

1. Manage Your Relationships


Relationships are central to life and business. Allow your assistant to help you make the most of both your professional and personal relationships.

We’ve put together a comprehensive walk-through on building strong client relationships, but here are a few quick ways your assistant can help with relationship building.


They Can Maintain Your Social Media Presence

Use your social media accounts – your personal and your business’s – to engage with their business’s social posts and updates.  Be their biggest fan and supporter.

Actively keeping tabs on your clients can seem unattainable when juggling many other tasks.  Fortunately, an Executive Assistant can help you build strong relationships.

As a part of our Superpowers Curriculum, Coaching, and Community, our assistants receive training on representing their entrepreneurs through social media.  They post and engage with important business and personal connections through your social media account.

While you focus on your work, they can maintain your presence on social media and keep you updated on important changes in your connections’ lives.

Track your connections’ important dates in your calendar, with a reminder the day of and one the week before, so you have time to prepare something for them.


They Can Support Your Personal Life

Your assistant can schedule and protect date nights and family time.  They can remind you of birthdays, help find meaningful presents, and keep you up-to-date on important events in the lives of your personal connections.

When it’s time for your free days, your assistant can monitor your inbox, filtering out low-priority concerns and alerting you only when it’s absolutely necessary.  You can rest easy, knowing your assistant has your back.

2. Maximize Your Time


As the owner and leader of your business, your time is extremely valuable. Most everything – money, inventory, talent – can scale, but your time does not. You only have 24 hours today.

Let your assistant help you make the most of your time. Here’s how:


They Can Protect Your To-Do List

Your business is your baby, and that can lead to overextending yourself and taking on more tasks than you should. But do your hands create more value by plugging leaks in the ship’s hull or by steering the ship in the right direction?

Your company needs you to dedicate your time to leadership and completing the high-value tasks within your Unique Ability, the skills you love and excel at.

When you spend your time completing delegable tasks, what high-value opportunities are you missing out on?

Your virtual Executive Assistant protects your to-do list:

  • They tactfully confront you when you are filling your schedule with delegable tasks
  • They monitor your email and other correspondences to filter out distractions
  • They flag high-value concerns for you and deal with the rest
They Can Manage and Optimize Your Schedule

An assistant helps you stay on top of your busy schedule. Assistants excel at and specialize in organization, so while you are handling your work, they ensure you are using your time wisely and fulfilling every commitment.

Ensure your assistant has full access to your calendars, personal and professional. They need to coordinate these calendars and keep you up-to-date on your commitments, appointments, and deadlines.

With a highly-organized second set of eyes on your schedule, you can avoid missed opportunities, double-bookings, and other scheduling headaches.

A Superpowers Assistant goes above and beyond to understand you and your needs. They will work with you to design your Ideal Week – a weekly schedule that is optimized for unique personality traits, needs, and habits.

3. Coordinate Your Team


We know your time is best spent on specific, high-value tasks, but other tasks still need to be completed.

You must strategically delegate these tasks to team members and contractors. Unfortunately, delegating to a team is complicated; it sometimes takes more time to delegate tasks than to do it yourself.

Let your Executive Assistant handle it for you!  As your coordinator, your assistant can:

  • Identify delegable tasks
  • Find the best person for the job
  • Provide instructions
  • Monitor delegates’ progress
  • Give you important updates

Save yourself some time.  Next time you complete a task, simply record yourself completing and talking through the process. Next, send it to your assistant.

Your assistant can clean up the video, document the process, and use it to explain the task to others.  Your time and your assistant’s time will not scale, but instructional content does.



Are you considering a work-from-home assistant? Feel free to jump on a Discovery Call with us.

We’ve designed our Discovery Calls to equip you to make the best choice for your future assistant!

We find your ideal Executive Assistant, train them, and ensure their success through our hands-on support and resource network.

If Superpowers is a good fit for you, great! If not, you’ll leave the conversation knowing what to do next.

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